BUSINESS CONSULTING SERVICES : We listen to your needs in order to create your customized and strategic recommendations to find the right business match.

MARKET ANALYSIS : We give you direct insight into your potential clients, we spot innovation trends, we identify interesting technologies and competition.

HIGHER VISIBILITY : Expose your company to the right audience to find new business matches.

PERSONALIZED INTRODUCTION: We give an access to our database of your potential partners by offering a direct contact with them.


Save your time and money and grow your business using our services.

3 steps to 100% success

ACCJ is a B2B matchmaking platform to support, consult, research, educate and connect businesses. It is established to assist you to further expand your business or to find a potential partner for you to grow in any sector. ACCJ is a customized suite of integrated matching services dedicated in helping global customers to identify and screen potential business partners in Asia, Central America and Europe. With our customized approach and modern strategic plan, ACCJ helps you to successfully connect to your strategic alliances. Through our platform with unlimited number of opportunities, you can easily find new business partners.



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